Términos y condiciones de uso del sitio

Current version 02/26/2019

The terms and conditions of use of the website www.latitur.com exclusively owned by LATITUR SAS, hereinafter LATITUR, are described below. Users are made aware that their content is mandatory and binding once their registration has been confirmed.

Access and use of the website requires prior user registration. The registration represents the way in which the user expresses his intention to use the services offered by LATITUR through his website www.latitur.com, as well as to adhere to the obligatory nature of its policies of use and privacy of data.

A. Password To carry out this process, the user must enter a valid email address, and it is advisable to use a password other than the one usually used to access this email account. Remember that you are solely responsible for the administration of your profile and that access to it is conditioned to the use of your password. We recommend that you keep it in total reserve. LATITUR is not responsible for the damages that could be generated in case of illegitimate seizure of password or unauthorized use of your account, for this reason we request to notify this immediately and by suitable and reliable means, in order to temporarily unsubscribe your account and avoid damage to third parties.

B. Verification of identity LATITUR records that it has no legal obligation to verify the identity of the users requesting the subscription to the website since this process only entails providing a valid email address. LATITUR hereby certifies that it is not responsible for the lack of veracity in the personal data that users may place in their accounts, on our website.

C. Legal capacity of users The services offered by LATITUR are available to individuals with legal capacity to hire persons over 18 years of age (except for exceptions contemplated by Argentine legal regulations) and for legal entities, whether or not they are formally constituted.

Through this website LATITUR offers its users a platform to offer, search and contract excursions and other services related to tourism. The platform allows people who wish to offer this type of service to publish their offers, and give access to those who wish to hire them. LATITUR is not responsible for the content of the services offered, nor does it provide the services directly or through third parties. LATITUR does not guarantee the provision of the service. The use of this platform for the promotion of services whose purpose is illegal or prohibited, or in any way violate legal provisions, morality or good customs is strictly prohibited. LATITUR will allocate part of its profit to social purposes, which will be chosen by users who contract services through the platform. LATITUR will make available to the users different proposals and / or solidarity campaigns for their election. Based on the choice made by users, the funds will be distributed periodically among the most voted proposals. In LATITUR we believe that solidarity is the fundamental pillar on which every society must be built, and we want you to be part of it.

LATITUR makes it known that the user's profile is unique and non-transferable. It is strictly forbidden for the same user to register or possess more than one profile. LATITUR reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend registered users who contradict this provision. LATITUR states that it is the sole responsibility of the user-provider of services to provide reliable information when completing: contact information and all information related to the services offered. LATITUR excludes any liability for damages of any kind that may be due to the lack of veracity, accuracy, completeness and / or timeliness of the data provided by them. Use of images, brands and / or designations. LATITUR informs its users that any image, brand and / or designation used as a means of identifying their profile cannot violate third-party rights or morals or good customs, and if they do so, LATITUR reserves the right to suspend temporarily and / or give automatic withdrawal, excluding any possibility of compensation for the user.

LATITUR provides through www.latitur.com a service of onerous nature, based on the structure of commission for hiring that will be communicated to the user before carrying out any operation and / or will be published in the section of the website designed for that purpose .

LATITUR informs users that the quality "verified" of the users offering services who make use of our platform requires some of the following situations: the corroboration of the registration record in the database of the Federal Administration of Public Income (AFIP); and / or the contribution of some type of identity document by the user through the platform. Considering that it is the user's obligation to provide valid and true data, LATITUR is exempt from any type of liability arising from identity theft, fraud, fraud, etc. as a result of the unauthorized use of the commercial name and / or company name. It is recorded that LATITUR is not responsible for the lack of registration and / or registration of the users-providers of services, in the different bodies / registries that may be required by the legislation and other local regulations of each country. LATITUR does not perform this control.

In principle, LATITUR will make all notifications about system modifications, denial of access, suspension of services, promotions, news, etc., to the email address reported by the user at the time of registration, except for those cases that Provision of the law must be made by suitable and reliable means to the address of the user, in which case the defendant will be taken into consideration in his profile. It is the user's responsibility to periodically verify their account in order to be informed of possible changes in the conditions of use of this platform. The terms and conditions of use of the platform may be modified unilaterally by LATITUR.

All content provided on this website (brand, isologotypes, button icons, videos, software, etc.) is the exclusive property of LATITUR. The improper use, total or partial reproduction and adaptation of them are prohibited, unless expressly authorized by the owner.

LATITUR is not responsible for damages caused by the user’s connectivity problems. LATITUR makes it known that it is not responsible for the damages caused as a consequence of the inappropriate use of its website.

LATITUR reserves the right to temporarily or permanently suspend registered users who violate in whole or in part any of the provisions set out in the terms and conditions of use of the website, privacy policies and personal data protection and / or conditions of use.

It is possible that LATITUR modifies the use and privacy policies of this website. Therefore, we recommend that the user check their content periodically. The user will receive a communication to the e-mail address that he declared in his registration warning about the realization of modifications.

LATITUR provides a payment system with guarantee of benefits, by means of which the user-claimant of services will make the payment (through any of the enabled means) to the user-provider, at the moment of the reservation; nevertheless, these funds will be retained by LATITUR until the confirmation by the user-claimant that he has enjoyed the services satisfactorily, or that a period of 5 days elapses (from the date stipulated for the provision of the services) without him making any statement about it. Once any of the latter conditions has been met, LATITUR will release the mentioned funds to the user-provider of services so that they can dispose of them. If, on the contrary, any of the users reported any problem with the provision of the service, a mediation process will be initiated by LATITUR, to determine the responsibilities in this respect, and to reimburse the funds to the user-claimant in the case to correspond. It is reminded that LATITUR will solve these disputes (mediations), in the way it consideres most convenient, and may even remove the total amount received by the user-provider, for the activity in question, from the user-claimant.

In the case of reservations contracted through the LATITUR platform, both the user-claimant and the user-provider of excursions and services may cancel one or more reservations in advance through the platform. In these cases, the following rules for the reimbursement of funds to users-claimants will apply:
a) If the user-provider is the one who cancels the reservation, 100% of the amount paid to the account of our platform of the user-claimant will be refunded.
b) If the user-complainant of the service cancels the reservation with up to 10 days prior to the completion of the activity, 100% of the amount paid will be reimbursed to his account on the LATITUR platform. The user-provider will not receive any compensation for that cancellation.
c) If the user-claimant of the service cancels the reservation with up to 72 hours prior to the completion of the activity, 50% of the amount paid will be reimbursed to his account on the LATITUR platform. The remaining balance will be transferred to the LATITUR account of the user-provider of the service, once the corresponding commissions have been deducted.
d) If the user-complainant of the service cancels the reservation less than 72 hours prior to the completion of the activity, no refund will be made of the amount paid. The amount paid will be transferred to the user-provider of the service, after deduction of the LATITUR commissions.

El usuario del sitio web LATITUR.COM que publique o comparta los contenidos del sitio en cualquier lugar acepta que esa información sea utilizada, publicada, adaptada, reproducida, modificada o difundida por LATITUR, junto a su nombre y gustos, sin ningún derecho de compensación o retribución. LATITUR se reserva el derecho de utilizar la información recabada con fines promocionales u otros.


Current version 02/26/2019

LATITUR SAS, ensures the complete protection of personal data that users enter in order to use the services provided through this website, through the following policies of privacy framed in the Law N ° 25.326 of Protection of Personal Data:

By entering the data in the "profile", the user expresses his express consent to incorporate them into the LATITUR database. The user freely provides his data and is aware of the treatment that they could have by LATITUR for the purposes of its web platform.

2. NATURE OF REQUESTED PERSONAL DATA LATITUR makes it known that it does not request sensitive data, that is: personal data that reveal racial and ethnic origin, political opinions, religious, philosophical or moral convictions, union affiliation or information regarding health or sexual life.In those cases where the user, by means of his comments, discloses said information, LATITUR is not responsible for the damages that may be caused by their disclosure.

LATITUR warns that all the information provided will be used in order to generate a contact space between users-providers of tourist services and users-claimants of them.

4. OF THE WAY IN WHICH THE DATA ARE OBTAINED The user freely and voluntarily completes his profile, committing himself to provide certain, adequate and pertinent information with the purposes of the site.

5. DUTY OF UPDATING AND RECTIFICATION OF INFORMATION. SUPPRESSION RIGHTIt is the obligation of the user to update his information in order that the information contained in our database is reliable, for this purpose he must rectify the information provided in their profile whenever they deem it appropriate. In case you want to request the deletion of your account in Latitur.com, you can do so by sending an email from the email box with which you are registered, to the account baja@latitur.com with the subject UNSUSCRIBE.

As long as the user does not request his express suppression of our database, his information will be kept during the time that the commercial turn of LATITUR lasts.

LATITUR is responsible for the Database where the information provided by the user is stored. In order to avoid the loss, misuse, alteration, unauthorized access and theft of information, LATITUR adopts the levels of security and protection of Personal Data legally required. However, it is necessary to consider that the levels of security on the Internet are not perfect, so that LATITUR can not guarantee the total and absolute inviolability of its Database, nor the perfect functioning of its protection and safeguard mechanisms.