Frequently Asked Questions - FAQ

+ 1) Why choose LATITUR?

LATITUR is a platform that allows guides and specialized local agencies to offer you their activities and excursions without intermediaries. We believe that nobody knows their attractions better than them and that your trips will be enriched by having such knowledge. LATITUR is a new way to enjoy your holidays, adding traditional options to the possibility of living unique experiences that have never been seen before.

+ 2) How do I contract a service?

Enter the requested destination in the search engine to see the available activities. You will see the results of your search and you can apply different types of filters to find the activities that best suit your tastes. Select the one you want to see the detailed information, choose the date you want to make the reservation, and follow the steps to complete it. Then travel, enjoy and help!.

+ 3) How can I make the payment?

You can pay for each service with the different means accepted for that particular activity. In principle, you can do it with a credit and debit card through Mercadopago, PayPal and the LATITUR wallet. When making a payment through our electronic mechanism, you will get the satisfaction guarantee service from LATITUR.

+ 4) What is LATITUR's satisfaction guarantee service?

services to the guide or local agency, the funds will be retained by LATITUR until, once the activity is done, you confirm that everything has gone correctly. In the case of not receiving your qualification, once 15 days have elapsed (from the date stipulated for the provision of the services) without making any claim in this regard, the corresponding payment will be released. Should any inconvenience occur with the provision of the service, a mediation process will be initiated by LATITUR to determine the responsibilities in this respect. Each of the users will be able to express their position regarding the provision of the contracted service and provide the evidence they wish. From these, LATITUR will determine if it is appropriate to release the funds to the guide or agency, or reimburse them in whole or in part for the breach in the services offered, at the same time as evaluating the suspension in our platform of the provider that did not comply with its proposal value.

+ 5) How is LATITUR's cancellation policy?

You can cancel the contracted services in the same way that the guide or local agency can do it in advance and subject to the corresponding penalties and the following rules of refund of funds:

a) If the guide or local agency is the one who cancels the reservation, you will be refunded 100% of the amount paid to your account on our platform.

b) If you cancel your reservation with up to 10 days prior to the completion of the activity, you will be refunded 100% of the amount paid to your account on our platform.

c) If you cancel your reservation between 9 days and up to 72 hours prior to the completion of the activity, you will be refunded 50% of the amount paid to your account on our platform

d) If you cancel your reservation within 72 hours you will not be refunded any of the paid, which will be transferred to the corresponding local guide or agency.

+ 6) What is the cost of using the LATITUR platform?

You can perform all searches and purchases of activities you want in LATITUR for free. Keep in mind that the use of certain means of payment can generate additional costs. If you are a local guide or agency, you can publish all your activities and excursions at no cost. On the value that you establish for the sale of each service, LATITUR will charge a commission of 15% (VAT included) for each sale, and will transfer the amounts of the excursion, discounting said commission and the expenses based on the withdrawal form of funds that you select. configure your user.

+ 7) How can I know if the guides or agencies that offer their services are reliable?

In addition to the LATITUR satisfaction guarantee, we offer you a rating system, through which you can see the scores made by other users who have previously done activities with those guides or local agencies. You can also see the comments made about their experiences.

+ 8) Can anyone offer services in LATITUR?

Depending on the activities you offer as a guide or local agency, you will have to comply with the legal and commercial regulations that regulate your activity. Check the local legislation in your area to find out what licenses you need, especially in terms of food, alcohol or transportation. By creating your user you will be accepting your responsibility in compliance with the rules and laws in force to exercise your role as a guide or agency.d that the use of certain means of payment can generate additional costs.

+ 9) ¿Cómo funciona y cómo activar el método de pago “pago en destino”?

Cómo funciona. Este método de pago te ofrece la posibilidad de no tener que abonar nada al momento de la reserva, deberás pagar el costo total de la actividad una vez que te hayas contactado con tu guía / agencia, y acordado la forma y fecha de pago correspondiente. Recuerda que dicha opción no cuenta con el servicio garantía y satisfacción de LATITUR, y por lo tanto cualquiera de las partes podrán cancelar la reserva en cualquier momento sin ningún tipo de penalidad.

Habilitar la opción de pago en destino. Para poder habilitar la opción de pago en destino deberás ir a tu perfil, Métodos de Pago y validar el método de pago “Mercado Pago”. Una vez realizado esto, automáticamente podrás activar o desactivar la opción de pago en destino para cada excursión.

Activar y desactivar la opción de pago en destino. Podrás activar o desactivar el método de cobro “pago en destino” para cada actividad dentro de la edición de la misma, en paso de información básica. Dentro de tu cuenta de LATITUR, la ruta sería la siguiente: VENDER/EDITAR (en la actividad deseada) / INFORMACIONM BASICA.